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Eco Cotton Fitted Bed Linen Set Patara-Cream

BQ001393 Set Patara-Cream

High Quality
100% Organic Cotton
Class 1
Anti Allergy
Anti Bacteria
Made in Turkey

Benefits What is organic cotton? It is a non-GMO plant without the use of any artificial agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in the production of organic cotton. This makes this fabric a good choice if you want to take toxins and chemicals out of your life. This cotton fabric is safe to use. Unlike traditionally grown cotton, organic cotton is not passed through chemical treatments and is even dyed using natural coloring's. The lack of sharing of harsh chemicals makes organic cotton reduce skin sensitivity and irritation. Organic cotton fabric is the best choice for sensitive skin and for children. Yes, getting out of bed in the morning is hard, but how with these wonderful sheets of organic Eco cotton won't make it any easier. Its high-quality fabric is made from healthy, chemical-free organic cotton that warms and silky smooth, as well as the rich and modern color options available in this collection, and its very simple designs make it unique

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SKU BQ001393 Set Patara-Cream
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