Nolte Kitchen


Geared Towards the highest demands for generations

We are proud that the nolte group is managed successfully 
by the fourth generation already. We invest far-sighted and anticyclical so that we can always provide an efficient answer about the future of our company in the globalized world. As we recognized early on that only furniture with an upmarket design and the highest quality can be delivered from Germany, we consequently adapted to these characteristics and we are thus more successful in the entire world year after year. As an innovation leader, we set new impulses in the market again and again, and we manufacture our products environmentally friendly and according to the newest technologies and thus sustainable in the best sense of the definition.

Where Tradition and Innovation are connected most closely...

As of 1923, the company founder Georg Nolte was having polishing plates manufactured in the Westphalian Rheda. In the thirties, the company then entered the manufacture of furniture. Following an acquisition of a small furniture factory in Delbrück (1932), a second factory was founded 1937 in Brilon. Georg Nolte’s son Konrad took over leadership of the company in 1945. In 1947, the nolte group was expanded systematically. Konrad now found the time ripe to realize his groundbreaking idea and to be the first furniture manufacturer to introduce assembly-line production. This pioneer work revolutionized the entire furniture industry.