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uGalaxy Eye Massager

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uGalaxy Eye Massager


The world's first eye massager with mood light!
It is a new generation of massagers that use mood light and music. Airbags provide warmth, vibration, and massages to relieve headaches, insomnia and daily eye fatigue.

5 dazzling features for bright and beautiful eyes!

OSIM UGalaxy combines an airbag, vibration, and soothing warm air with mood light and scientifically proven music to help eliminate everyday eye strain for healthy, shiny eyes.

1. The device provides a vibrating massage that invigorates the eyes ... for energetic eyes.
2. The soothing warm air provides warmth that helps improve blood circulation to the eyes.
3. The best way to massage the delicate eye area is to use a gentle airbag that can relax the tense muscles.
4. Temporal massage can relieve eye fatigue and provide beautifying effects, such as lifting and firming.
5. The eye bag massage uses airbag compression to help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles around the eyes.


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