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Recliner Maverick


Now relax, renew your energy and well-being, and enjoy a sense of luxury, luxury, and relaxation with a Maverick Recliner.

Equipped with air cushions in the armrests, footrest, and back, To sense every moment of bliss and comfort!

  • Equipped with iClean stain-resistant fabric, And it's also easy to clean, And soft. You don't have to worry about dirt anymore!
  • Provides an independent back relaxation! You can relax with or without using the footrest.
  • Full body support with cotton filler in all relaxation positions for unlimited comfort.
  • 3 different height level positions for locking footrest.
  • Adjust your relaxation level (using comfortable hinges located under the chair).
  • Thick frame designed with 4 sides to provide the proper support.
  • The back of the chair is moveable and can be locked and removed, For easy transportation.
  • Provides an independent back relaxation! You can relax with or without using the footrest.
  • Wooden handle that fits the quality of the chair.


The original La-Z-Boy Recliners were designed to provide you infinite comfort! 10-year warranty. Quality assurance that tells you it is designed to last!

"Only La-Z-Boy give you all these exclusive features"

  • Full body and lower back support.

Provides full support for the entire body at all varying levels. Even in relaxation mode for you to get a perfect comfort is unlimited.

  • 3 Different height level positions for locking footrest

Provides a convenient robust option to ensure security and support.

  • Patented Mechanisms of LA-Z-BOY.

Provides full-body support at all levels and even in the relaxing position to give endless comfort.

  • Handle for positioning

Allocate the necessary effort to facilitate the change of relaxation mode depending on the different body types.

  • Thick and stable frame.

The frame was designed with 4 sides, The design is made to unite the body and with high-quality durability and continuous.


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10 Years
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