Return and Refund Policy



Cancellation Policy

The customer has the right to cancel the order within 24 hours of the order.

Refund takes 14-45 working days.

Return Policy

Returns are only processed via the previously used payment method. And will be handled within 14 to 45 days.

Return and Exchange Policy

The customer may exchange the product within (3) days only (The original invoice is a requirement).

The customer may return the product within (24) hours from the date of the delivery, and the original invoice is a requirement (Invoices during sales & seasonal offers are an exclusion). 

When returning and exchanging, the product must be completely clean and in a good condition and the original invoice is a requirement.

The product may be exchanged for a maximum period of (48( hours if there are any manufacturing defects during the warranty period.

The delivery fee (25 SR) is deducted if only the invoice is canceled after being confirmed & date of devilry is scheduled by the customer.

The warranty doesn’t cover misuse:

(Breakage, cut, liquid spillage, outer fabric, and base)

All of the Company’s products are subject to warranty as per the terms of each product brand. Provided that the return must of the same brand. Consumption value will be calculated for each product (the original invoice is a requirement).

Invoices can be booked for only (45) days from the date of purchase and payment amount, Then an estimated 5% of the total invoice value is calculated for each month of delay.

Degradation covered by the warranty is a minimum of (1) inch. The warranty doesn’t cover the mattress’s sagginess.

Installing the massage chairs is free for the first time, exchanging, or moving out to a new location. The customer will be informed in advance if there are any additional service fees.

The customer doesn’t have the right to return or exchange any of the electronic devices, wooden furniture, and beds after the installation unless there is a manufacturing defect. The products may be returned within 24 hours if not installed and in the original packaging.

The following products are not subject to the Return & Exchange Policy: (Duvet covers, all types of pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, upper layers of the mattress, prayer mats, perfumes, and all the accessories).

The customer has the right to exchange or cancel the reservation of the undelivered products within a maximum period of (15) days, and be refunded (Special orders, and Invoices during sales & seasonal offers cannot be returned and exchanged)

In case of returning, the amount will be deposited within 7 working days, and via bank transfer on the customer's account exclusively ( Cashback is not available ).

A reservation invoice for products sold up to a minimum of 50% of their value may be issued, and the rest may be paid within 15 days only.

Our Return & Exchange Policy doesn’t affect your statutory rights.